Native Village of Eyak Story

Native Village of Eyak (NVE) is a federally recognized tribal government located on the southeastern shores of Prince William Sound in the North Gulf Coast of Alaska.

Their territory is the traditional meeting place of four peoples, the Eyak, Aleut, Tlingit and Athabascan.  Prince William Sound, Copper River Delta and the North Gulf Coast were shared between them. War and peace reigned alternately within a brisk trading business. The arrival of the Russians, and subsequently Americans, greatly impacted the NVE way of life and culture.  NVE strives to preserve and restore that culture through our many programs and services.

NVE is governed by a five member elected Council.  The Tribal Council is a tribal government that promotes self-determination to NVE tribal members. The Tribal Council seeks ways to enrich tribal living through community operated programs.  Under the guidance of the Council, tribal offices provide health and social services, economic development, natural resource/environmental education, job opportunities, and job training to the NVE. The Tribe operates in a way that is acceptable to Alaska Native cultural values and spirituality.  The Tribal Council upholds our constitution and bylaws and directs an executive director to implement projects and programs according to an approved strategic plan.  Focus areas include the following:

  • Social Services – Serving Tribal Members in need of elder care, victim advocacy, substance abuse referrals, child welfare, general assistance and other services.
  • Natural Resources – The Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) is a part of the NVE Traditional Council Tribal Government. DENR works to protect the NVE’s traditional lands, manage subsistence resources for the tribe, and prevent, or mitigate, environmental damage. The people of Eyak have been stewards of this land for over 7,000 years and DENR seeks to continue that tradition.
  • Culture – The Ilanka Cultural Center seeks the continuance of Alaska Native Culture through display, digital storytelling, and traditional crafting classes. Our gift shop gives artists a venue to market their skills and perpetuate the relevance of cultural items.
  • Health Care – Ilanka Community Health Center serves all of Cordova residents and visitors, using our Health Resources Services Administration funded sliding fee scales and Indian Health Services.
  • Capital Projects – The Capital Projects Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for native families and individuals by improving transportation opportunities, enhancing homes, creating new housing opportunities, maintaining trails, strengthening neighborhoods, and promoting the sustainability and safety of our community.