Human Capital Management

Facilitate Connection. Maximize Organizational Performance.

TACG’s Human Capital Management capabilities facilitate connection and maximize organizational performance. From Learning Management Systems (LMS), to Lean Six Sigma, Practical Problem Solving, and Theory of Constraints, TACG plans, develops, and engages your most valuable resources. Our team provides knowledge and skills to an array of client and organizational needs, including: C-Level operations support; evidence-based problem solving through Continuous Improvement (CI) support; increased individual performance through education and training, and more.

Engage and develop your most valuable resource.

Bringing Human Capital Management to your organization helps your organizations to cultivate and manage your workforce.  We focus on workforce recruitment, engagement, development and optimization.


Strategy and criteria to identify and hire the best candidates to align with your strategic needs.


A well trained and engaged workforce will adapt to changes quickly and enhance their abilities.

Develop and Optimize

Develop the staff you have now so you can anticipate and grow for the future.


Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

System Implementations

Continuous Improvement (CI)

Training & Support

Education and Training

Executive Support

Executive Human Resources Support

Computer-Based Training Development 

e-Learning Lifecycle

DiSC + Workshop Facilitation

Reaching our Expertise

TACG is a certified Alaskan Tribally Owned Small Business. We have contracting options for national and international work.