TACG Healthcare Management Services

Expertise On Call

From administrative support to technology solutions to scientific research expertise.

TACG’s highly skilled consultants, trained and experienced in key healthcare disciplines, offer extensive healthcare services. We’re always on call, with healthcare expertise focused on quality patient care and efficient use of time and resources.

TACG provides medical management services that match the requirements of your organization, whether you require resource management, group practice management, or medical facilities management.

If you require specialized medical expertise, TACG answers these challenges as well, from medical readiness specialists to military medical special operations to aerospace medicine.

Many organizations have relied on TACG medical records clerks and medical laboratory technicians to resolve backlogs and assist with patient administration.

Our services also extend beyond general healthcare support. You can rely on TACG professionals for IT expertise, epidemiology, biomedical research, bioterrorism surveillance, and much more.

Call on TACG at any time for fast access to qualified professionals with specialized healthcare skills and training in the following areas:

Administrative Support

  • Lab Operations
  • Program Management
  • Military Medical Special Operations
  • Medical Facilities

Technology Solutions

  • Medical Logistics
  • Emergency Response
  • Medical Readiness
  • Medical Records Coding

Research Support

  • Scientific / Research Experts
  • Microbiology
  • Biomedical
  • Biostatistics