Contracts: Current/Past Performance

Air Force Materiel Command / Air Force Sustainment Center Purchase Request Process System

The Purchase Request Process System (PRPS) / D203 is an Air Force legacy system that automates the front-end of the supply acquisition process with a web-based, paperless link to Contracting. It supports processes and operations from receiving item quantity requirements to logistic support activities supporting procurement through funding certification leading up to eventual contract award. TACG provides acquisition program management and logistics management support to the Air Force Sustainment Center and Program Office. TACG serves as the functional advocate and technical advisor, providing functional requirements definition, testing and test case script writing, production support, deficiency reporting, configuration control, training development, and policy. Our support to the PRPS acquisition program office focused on risk management, organizational change management, transition planning and fielding, and system training development and delivery. TACG has been supporting the PRPS program continually since 2007.

HAF/A4PT Service Development and Delivery Process (SDDP) Support

TACG is currently providing Service Development and Delivery Process (SDDP) support as described in Air Force Manual 33-402 (AFMAN 33-402) to the US Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS)/Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection, Directorate of Resource Integration, Logistics Transformation and Execution Office (HAF/A4PT). HAF/A4PT’s mission is to transform the Air Force Logistics and Supply Chain Management processes and legacy systems. TACG’s support includes providing technical leadership and advisory support, business process re-engineering, process modeling, DoDAF view creation, data requirements analysis, and Subject Matter Expert workshop support to facilitate and develop business requirements for new Logistics Capability Initiatives (LCI). TACG performs project management, requirements analysis, enterprise architecture, Course-of-Action analysis, and data requirements analysis to support execution of the SDDP. Specifically, TACG develops business process models, captures and analyzes data and generates supporting SDDP required documentation.

US Food and Drug Administration Information Security and Audit Program Support

TACG is currently providing Information Assurance (IA) and Cybersecurity support for the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Information Security Services Staff. TACG is responsible for implementing and administering an information technology security program that defends against cybersecurity threats for the FDA’s information resources. TACG supports the FDA’s risk management objectives in identifying and characterizing system and enterprise risk. TACG performs annual assessments of over ninety (90) information systems as well as the associated FDA networks, programs, contractor operations and contractor facilities. Our team is responsible for the execution, support and oversight of the security authorization process and the audit response of the information systems in accordance with FISMA. TACG is responsible for providing the FDA an web-based security awareness training solution that meets the requirements of FISMA and the Computer Security Act of 1987.

Air Force SDDP Logistics Capability Initiative (LCI): Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Initiative (MROi)

TACG provides business transformation expertise and related enabling services to the Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) to support their Manufacturing, Repair, and Overhaul Initiative (MROi). MROi seeks to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capability to replace aging legacy depot maintenance systems that have become too costly and complex to maintain. Specifically, we provide business process re-engineering, acquisition, legacy system analysis, functional testing, integration, configuration management, and data management services and support. TACG was instrumental in building the key deliverables that are being used to enable the future state business processes and acquisition-related activities for the Air Force’s logistics portfolio. MROi is a Logistics Capability Initiative that follows the Air Force’s SDDP process as outlined in Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 33-402.  MROi will enable capability that represents a significant enhancement to current legacy capability.

Air Force SDDP Logistics Capability Initiative (LCI): Enterprise Supply Chain Analysis, Planning, and Execution

TACG, LLC provides business transformation, comprehensive logistics analyses, and related enabling services to the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) to support the Enterprise Supply Chain Analysis, Planning, and Execution (ESCAPE) Capability Initiative (CI). ESCAPE follows the AF Services Development and Delivery Process (SDDP), as outlined in Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 33-402, to identify business problems, define business capabilities and objectives, and formulate recommendations for a process-enabling solution. TACG prepared the acquisition documentation and materials to provide a compelling argument for pursuing an integrated supply chain planning system in support of the AF logistics enterprise. This effort will enable the AF to standardize and consolidate old system-driven Supply Chain planning processes; create a more efficient workforce; improve inventory performance for maintenance operations while improving warfighter support; and, integrate planning processes with a robust exception management and analytics capability.

US Food and Drug Administration Learning Management System and Training Development

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contracted with TACG to develop and provide a comprehensive records management training program within a robust learning management system (LMS).  This included annual online refresher module training in addition to various role-based training modules to provide an in-depth learning experience for FDA professionals.  TACG provided implementation support for the deployment of the first FedRamp certified, commercial LMS.  The LMS tracks course completion and provides unique agency specific reporting requirements for the over 22,000 FDA users. Additionally, TACG provides ongoing maintenance and support functions, to include Level 1 and Level 2 Help-Desk support for the system.  Our experienced professionals continue to create additionally role-based courses that are SCORM and Section 508 compliant in accordance with Instructional System Design principles.  A total of 6 courses will be developed, tailored to specific, unique job functions within the FDA.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Office of Financial Resources (OFR) Financial and Administrative Support Services

TACG currently provides on-site financial and administrative support to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) and the Procurement and Grant Office (PGO).

TACG assists the CDC with providing financial services, budgetary and legislative guidance and quality assurance to support public health research both foreign and domestic.  Our team of sixteen is responsible for collecting, auditing and entering approximately 4,000 vendor invoices and travel vouchers per month into the Health and Human Services Financial System.  Our support ascertains these documents are compliant with fiscal rules, policies and regulations and ensures invoices are postured for on time payment.

We provide executive administration support to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and the supporting business offices: Office of Appropriations, Office of Budget Services, Office of Finance and Accounting, and Office of Grants Services.

Our team manages the complex schedules of executive and senior CDC leadership, serve as liaisons on Freedom of Information Act, create and maintain databases and spreadsheets, are responsible for tracking and managing unliquidated obligations and are responsible for maintaining time and attendance records for both CDC staff  and other contract support.

Program Management Operations for the Science Services Support Program Office (S3PO)

TACG is providing program management and organizational change management  to S3PO to support training and implementation activities ensuring successful adoption of the Science Services Support application to 2000 end users agency wide.  TACG is responsible for developing and maintaining Training Plans and Reports as well as scheduling and managing the training.

TACG is responsible for the planning, scheduling and execution of the Annual Operational Analysis (AOA).  This support consists of coordinating with team members, critical partners and stakeholders to conduct assessments related to system performance, requirements, user satisfaction innovation and cost objectives to ensure the System is meeting the intention in which it was built.